Freezing is a natural process which does not require the use of preservatives. It offers quick and convenient access to premium quality ingredients, and products throughout the year with the absolute minimum of waste.
Being part of Fairway Foodservice – the majority of our suppliers are also quality controlled and audited. They have to become a Fairway nominated supplier by going through a thorough procedure before their products reach our pricelists.


Most of our fish fillets are frozen at sea- to ensure its maximum freshness and ultimate quality.
Frozen fish is considerably cheaper than fresh and will help keep your food costings down, but still maintain the quality required to be served.
Suppliers are always looking for different ways to serve fish and our pricelist consists of various luxury fish cakes , breaded and battered fish products, all of fantastic quality.

Being on an Island seafood is very popular so we stock a wide range of raw, cooked, peeled prawns, king prawns , black tigers and Gamba’s.



Since the opening of our butchery, we now sell mostly fresh chicken, but still stock various frozen chicken products.
Chicken meats ready cooked , both whole breasts, diced or stripped are very popular, along with chicken burgers, nuggets and kievs. We also stock frozen iqf chicken fillets which is a very popular product.


Duck, Turkey, Frozen Meats

For the people who wish to use frozen products, we sell frozen whole ducks, duck breasts and legs in full cases. One of our ever favourite best sellers is pork spare ribs, cooked and marinated in barbeque sauce,. These come in full and half rack sized portions.



Fairway Foodservice have done alot of work to create a perfect burger. We have in stock a full range of sizes of frozen burgers which are a great taste and fantastic value.



We stock 2 major suppliers sausages. Blakemans being the ever popular catering sausage,which we have sold now for over 25 years, and Freshlink being our cheaper but still great quality alternative.
We also sell our fresh sausages from the butchery unit.



We stock 3 flavours of 2kg block frozen pate. Ardenne is medium course, Chicken liver and duck are both smooth pates.



Selfar and Scottish bacon are the two we brands we sell. Each 2.27kg packet has approximately 55 slices in. We have unsmoked, smoked, back and streaky options.


Ready made meals

For people who have lack of space or time, we sell a range of top quality ready made meals, with exact portion control and costings. Lasagne Magnifico is a huge sellar and is made with all fine ingredients.
Within this section is various vegetarian options for the caterer to keep as a back up in the freezer.



We have a various selection of vegetarian goods throughout our entire portfolio, being sausages, burgers, spicy bean burgers, veg kiev, lasagne and a few more ready made meals. Please have a look through our main price list and any questions please do not hesitate to ask our staff.


Oriental goods

This group of frozen foods is fantastic for buffet work, offering various flavours from around the world to excite the tastebuds. Most goods are portion controlled and easy to cook.



For the ease of preparation we supply various frozen raw pastry for the caterer to create his own dish from puff pastry sheets to cocktail vol au vent cases.



We can supply you with pizza bases in various sizes and pizza sauce to create your own pizza, or ready made frozen pizza’s large and buffet size.



We stock a wide range of Fairway quiches in various delicious flavours at a favourable price to the caterer. All are great served hot or cold.



For the caterer who hasn’t the time to make these delicate little canapés, we hold in stock several makes of various canapés, all from reputable manufacturers.

Sausage roll, pies and Pasties:
We hold in stock Wrights Pies and Pukka Pies. We sell unbaked and baked products in various sizes and shapes.
All products are tried and tested and favourites of our catering establishments. If there is a product you would like but we don’t stock, please ask and we will try to source it for you.


Potato products

Potatoes are a core product on every menu, and we sell them in all sorts or shapes and sizes. Chips are our number one seller.


Fruit & vegetables

The technology of freezing foods has dramatically improved in recent years and frozen within minutes of being picked, so maintain their vitamins and have no preservatives, creating a fantastic quality product.
We have recently become suppliers of Boirons Fruit Purees. These are of French origin and come in trays which make it possible to unmold, portion and pour the puree with ease. All products have no colour, no preservatives or thickners – just the real thing.


Bread and Bakery products

This is a wide sections of our frozen goods. High quality raw bread products from France to ready baked sliced breads are available.
To ensure top quality is upheld we purchase from several reputable suppliers including Delifrance, Fletchers, Kara, Speciality breads, Roberts bakery and Eurobuns.
We have a wide range of Vive le Pain part baked breads – exclusive to Fairway members which offers top quality at favourable pricing to the caterer.

We also have our own range of Fairway burger buns and hot dog rolls.

As many products are available in various stages of its production, raw, part baked and baked, please take care when selecting the goods you require.


Sweet bakery products

Morning goods and individual cakes is a strong growing section in our frozen goods. The quality on all goods in amazing.
The section is vast and includes cookies, cupcakes, doughnuts, muffins, scones, teacakes, traybakes and wrapped individual traybake slices.
This section is also created from various reputable suppliers including bakemark, Sidoli and handmade cake company.



From old fashioned apple pies to Chocolate Lumpy Bumpy gateau and various cheesecakes are in this collection. Frozen desserts can help with portion control and all year round availability to seasonal produce like strawberries and raspberries.
All products are tried and tested before making in onto our portfolio so quality in guaranteed.
Some products come pre portioned,some come with a portion guideline.

Some of our suppliers – to many to list are Sidoli, Maynards, English cheesecake Company, Coppenrath. Classic Desserts and Vittles, along with Fairway own label products.


Ice cream

Being situated on our lovely Island of Jersey – we like to support Genuine jersey products where possible. We therefore stock 4.5 litre tubs of Jersey ice Cream in various flavours.
We also have various ice cream products like sundaes, and novelty childrens characters filled with various flavoured ice cream.
During the summer months we carry a limited range of Walls impulse Ice creams.