Hams & Deli

Cooked hams are available in joints to purchase, natural and barbeque smoked.
We also sell pre sliced pancetta and prosciutto hams.
Garlic sausage and varios salami are also available.


We stock an every growing range of fresh chilled cheeses to the caterer.
Fresh Brie, Creamy goats cheese, mild and mature cheddar in blocks and grated options are a few.
Please check our online section for a full list of cheese available, and any new ones added on.
All cheeses are delivered weekly to us.


Dairy Products

Butter/Margarine – We supply Jersey Butter and butter portions. We are now also stocking an
English alternative in blocks and rosettes. Also available is margarine in catering 2kg tubs.
We also have various UHT creams and Spray cream, Milk portions and fresh Eggs.