Our range of Ambient goods is now vast, hopefully offering the caterer choice along with quality.
On joinig Nisa Today several years ago – it helped us increase our portfolio of dry goods and speciality products are easier to source.

Please see our price list for the full products on ambient.

Listed below is a guideline for you.

Beverages – Crusha syrups, Tetley tea, Coffees, Hot chocolates, Robinsons Squash.

Sugars – Various pack sizes of White, Demerera, Soft Brown and syrups

Cereal – Weetabix and Kelloggs – catering bags and Portions

Biscuits – Cheese biscuits and sweet biscuits available

Oils – Vegetable oil, Olive oils

Cooking Wines


Canned Goods – Tuna, Fruits, vegatables

Fruit juices – 12x 2 ltr and mini portions

Cake mixes , custard powders, jellys, mousse mix, flour based mixes

Flour – Plain, Self raising, and stronghold

Preservatives – frank cooper & Robertsons jams in jars, portions and catering tubs.

Baking products – Chocolate Chips, Nuts, flavourings

Rice – Long grain, Basmati, Short Grain and Risotto

Pasta – lasagne sheets, penne, Spaghetti, plus many more

Soup mixes – Knorr

Bouillions & Gravy – we stock several brands to fulfil most peoples requirements ie Knorr, Bisto, Chef William

Herbs & Spices – This is a vast list with many specialities on it.

Sauces – We sell Heinz, Colemans, Altantic and house of lords sauces in various sizes from 5Ltr to individual portions.

Pickles – Always as essential in the Kitchen ie olives, capers, beetroot